Hey Boys and girls, thanks for visiting my site... I am very excited about the fact I get to tease you all ! Yes that's right I do love boys and girls, I am a very greedy girl, oh and just a bit naughty too lol ! I hope you come inside my little site, oh that sounded a little bit rude he he ! You will see lots more of me inside, and my naughty girlfriend... I hope it makes you as horny as it made me ! Micha xoxox - Love Micha Teen xoxo

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School Girl

I used to love dressing up in my school girl uniform, I know it used to tease guys like mad ! So I get to do it all again, teasing all you boys and girls on my site, yes I am such a naughty school girl he he !

Micha Carli - Lick Me

I got to play with my hot mate Carli, I love the feel of another girls firm body against myn ! We had a lolly to lick and suck on, but to be honest it was more fun licking and sucking each other !

Shower Oil

I decided after being such a dirty girl, I needed a good shower ! I love how soft my skin feels when I put on loads of baby oil ! It made me so horny getting all wet, anyone want to dry me off ? lol !

Pretty Girl

OK sounds a little vain, but it is what it says on the t-shirt lol ! But dont worry I didn't get to keep the t-shirt on that long and ended up in my birthday suite he he ! Lucky I had my 18th birthday balloon to keep me covered !

Micha Carli - Black Lingerie

Another chance for me to play with Carli, we get some up in some sexy black lingerie and let our imagination get the better of us ! Well there is nothing better than kissing another hot girl !

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